Biloxi is a tourist town and we ought to look like one, Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich has said often since his election just over a month ago, and now, on the cusp of a busy Fourth of July weekend, the mayor is launching a campaign with WXXV to help raise awareness of the issue.

This week, he directed city crews to immediately do their part in helping make Biloxi a cleaner and more inviting city, especially sprucing up gateways and high profile areas of the city. In fact, Parks and Recreation Beautication workers had the medians near I-110 and U.S. 90 cleaned and trimmed this morning.

“I’m tired of seeing grass grow through the sidewalks on major streets and thoroughfares,” Gilich told department heads. “I know it’s not all our responsibility, but I want us to make sure we are doing our part to get the job done, so that we’re a more presentable city.”

Gilich, through public-service and sponsored TV commercials with WXXV-TV 25, is also asking businesses, residents and civic groups to do their part in helping make Biloxi be the best it can be. The 30-second commercials begin airing Thursday on WXXV.

“So often we become complacent, we get used to things looking the way they do,” Gilich said, “but there’s no good reason for it. We need to take pride in the appearance of our community, whether it’s the gateways into the community, which I’ve spoken to our department heads about, or on private property, which I’m asking residents and the business community to address.

“The city can’t do it all, but together, we can, and that’s what I’m asking to happen.”

Said Bobby Edwards, general manager of WXXV: “We’re delighted to be a part of this important campaign. We want to see it spread all across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”
See the cleaner Biloxi video


Biloxi fireworks: See the show, hear the music

Biloxi’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show has gained a reputation over the years as being one of the biggest in the Southeast, organizers say, but the annual production is also a musical affair.

Admirers of fireworks displays and patriotic music can get both on Saturday night, beginning at 9, when the city’s annual fireworks display is set to begin off a barge near Deer Island. Best viewing is from the Biloxi Lighthouse eastward to the Biloxi Bay Bridge, and best listening is on Bob 105.9.

This year’s display is scheduled to be 18 minutes long, and is again sponsored by the Boom-Boom Committee, a volunteer group that raises private and public money to stage the show, purported to be the largest you’ll find between Port Arthur, Texas and Jacksonville, Fla.

And the music will be “everything from straight-ahead patriotic music to Neil Diamond, Lee Greenwood and orchestral patriotic music,” said Wayne Watkins of Bob 105.9, a former New Orleans disc jockey. “I worked with the fireworks company going back to the ’70s, when we did shows at Pontchartrain Beach.”

A few things to remember: If you’re planning to attend the firework show, park in parking bays only. Do not park in the center median of U.S. 90. Where light-colored clothing. Be careful crossing U.S. 90. Drive defensively. On the drive home, traffic will be heavy and slow moving; be patient.
The weekend lineup: Shuckers, Sea Creatures, circus and fishing rodeo


Released by Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager, City of Biloxi