Celebrated artist, Scott LoBaido, who calls the American flag "the greatest piece of artwork ever created," together with his aptly named vehicle, Betsy, fully loaded with LoBaido's painting supplies, are on a mission: Undertaking an arduous six month national tour to paint the Stars and Stripes on an American Veterans Post building in all 50 states.

Come March 10th, LoBaido will enter Gulfport, MS on his "Painting Flags Across America, Celebrating America, Thanking Our Veterans Tour," sponsored by the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, The Home Depot Foundation, Behr Paint, and CitiQuiet Windows.

The public is invited to come out and cheer LoBaido on as he creates his special tribute at VFW Post 2539 2518, 23rd Ave. from March 10th-12th in Gulfport, MS.

Says LoBaido, "There are over two million veterans who are younger than 35, and who are no longer in the military. These 20 and 30 somethings should be celebrated for volunteering, under the toughest circumstances possible, to defend us. I thought now was the ideal time for Americans to focus on what these millions of young men and women did. In my mind there is no more fitting way to do that than to paint the flag on the very buildings dedicated to their service."

For more information about the "Painting Flags Across America, 
Celebrating America, Thanking Our Veterans" tour go to: 


Source: Gulfport City Line Newsletter 3/5/15